"I desire the Spirit of God to know and understand myself,
that I might be able to overcome whatever of tradition or
nature that would not tend to my exaltation in the eternal
worlds. I desire a fruitful, active mind, that I may be able to comprehend the designs of God, when revealed through His servants without doubting."
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Family Spotlight  - Thomas Nash

"The name NASH is supposed to be a corruption of atten-ash, at the Ash. Naisby, a place near Bristol, England. In Gaelic, naisq, meaning made fast bound, protected; probably an old fortress or watchtower." On 26 July 1637, there landed in Boston a company composed largely of merchants of London, and other men of wealth, -whose standing at home allowed them to come to the New World under more favorable auspices than many who had hitherto arrived. They came in the ship Hector and one other whose name is not known. They were followers of the Reverend John Davenport, the Puritan preacher of Coleman Street, London, who came with a large number of associates, to the New England shores for freedom of conscience and worship. The leaders of this group were men of good practical understanding. The needs of the infant colony they were about to establish had been largely anticipated, and the men composing the company were well versed in the trades and arts most likely to be used in pioneer life. Among the number of pioneers in the Colony above mentioned, was Thomas NASH, a Puritan who had been at Leyden, Holland, and who wrote from there in 1625, to his brethren in Plymouth, "Informing them of the death of John Robinson, pastor of the church which included in its membership the planters of Plymouth as well as the brethren still sojourning in Leyden." Thomas Nash had returned to London from Leyden, and came later to America with Davenport   read more ...

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