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Beechworth, Victoria, Australia



Latitude: -36.3592906, Longitude: 146.6872665


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARRY, John Robert Hugh  15 Feb 1889Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23167
2 EAMES, Walter Leonard  1905Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I57154
3 KENNEDY  1926Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23211
4 KENNEDY, David James  4 Oct 1883Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11223
5 KENNEDY, Elizabeth Sarah  9 Jun 1877Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11230
6 KENNEDY, Ellen Nelson Gillies  26 Aug 1881Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11229
7 KENNEDY, Elspeth Eilene  15 Oct 1901Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11224
8 KENNEDY, Emily May  1898Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23179
9 KENNEDY, James  1894Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11225
10 KENNEDY, Jane Shaw Nelson  22 Oct 1865Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I14938
11 KENNEDY, Janet Burns  12 Nov 1885Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11227
12 KENNEDY, Joseph William  18 Sep 1887Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11226
13 KENNEDY, Kevin Francis  1917Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10562
14 KENNEDY, Mary Ann  17 Apr 1879Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11228
15 KENNEDY, Mervan Fran  1913Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23210
16 KENNEDY, Percival Arthur  1899Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23181
17 KENNEDY, Thomas Walter  1898Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23180
18 KENNEDY, William John  1887Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23178
19 KNEEBONE, Lena Maud  1883Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9707
20 MCELROY, Anne Ethel  1892Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10026
21 MCELROY, Daniel  1876Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10251
22 MCELROY, Janet Wallace  1883Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10207
23 MCELROY, John Gordon  1901Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9967
24 MCELROY, Margaret Daisy  1895Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10000
25 MCELROY, Martha Louis  1875Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10266
26 MCELROY, Martha Louis  1885Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10206
27 MCELROY, Mary  1887Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10122
28 MCELROY, Matthew  1879Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10228
29 MCELROY, Matthew James  1897Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9999
30 MCELROY, Minnie  1889Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10107
31 MCELROY, Nancy Anne  1881Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10227
32 MCELROY, Thomas  1891Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10086
33 SCRIVENER, Albert John  7 Dec 1884Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23185
34 SCRIVENER, Elsie May  11 Apr 1889Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23188
35 STOREY, James  1877Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23203
36 TOMLINSON, Albert John  1893Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23207
37 TOMLINSON, Anna  1881Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23202
38 TOMLINSON, Janet  1887Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23205
39 WALLACE, Albert Joseph  1902Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11917
40 WALLACE, Annie  29 Jan 1883Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23165
41 WALLACE, David  29 Dec 1865Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9825
42 WALLACE, Henry  30 Apr 1875Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9615
43 WALLACE, John  16 Dec 1881Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9839
44 WALLACE, John Ritchie  1867Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9792
45 WALLACE, Margaret  1905Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11773
46 WALLACE, Matthew  1879Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23162
47 WALLACE, Thomas  17 Nov 1868Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9727
48 WALLACE, Thomas  1903Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11914
49 WARDEN, Edwin William  24 Sep 1883Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 KENNEDY, Jane Shaw Nelson  31 Dec 1865Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I14938


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURNS, Janet  10 Oct 1888Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I14930
2 KENNEDY  1926Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23211
3 KENNEDY, David James  20 Jan 1890Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11223
4 KENNEDY, Elizabeth Sarah  29 Jun 1956Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11230
5 KENNEDY, Ellen Nelson Gillies  1 Jul 1964Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11229
6 KENNEDY, Janet Burns  17 Aug 1961Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11227
7 KENNEDY, Percival Arthur  1899Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23181
8 KENNEDY, Thomas Walter  1898Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23180
9 KENNEDY, William Burns  Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10436
10 KENNEDY, William Burns  27 Jul 1926Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I14935
11 OSBORN, Mary Ann  13 Oct 1903Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11231
12 TOMLINSON, Albert John  1964Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23207
13 WALLACE, Albert Joseph  1960Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11917
14 WALLACE, David  8 Jul 1869Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9825
15 WALLACE, John Ritchie  1869Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I9792
16 WARDEN, Dudley James  7 Jan 1979Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10401
17 WARDEN, Edwin William  2 May 1951Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BURNS, Janet  Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I14930
2 GILLIES, Ellen Nelson  18 May 1872Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I14936
3 HILLYER, Matilda Louisa  Sep 1923Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I14929
4 KENNEDY  6 Sep 1926Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23211
5 KENNEDY, Albert Wallace  28 Jan 1868Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I14933
6 KENNEDY, David James  Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11223
7 KENNEDY, Ellen Nelson Gillies  2 Jul 1964Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11229
8 KENNEDY, Emily May  7 Jul 1898Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23179
9 KENNEDY, Janet Burns  5 Mar 1905Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11319
10 KENNEDY, Janet Burns  Aug 1961Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11227
11 KENNEDY, Mervan Fran  19 Feb 1914Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23210
12 KENNEDY, Percival Arthur  13 Feb 1899Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23181
13 KENNEDY, Thomas Walter  26 Jun 1898Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I23180
14 KENNEDY, William Burns  9 Aug 1885Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10436
15 KENNEDY, William Burns  29 Jul 1926Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I14935
16 OSBORN, Mary Ann  Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11231
17 ROBERTS, Amy  12 Apr 1931Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11222
18 WALLACE, Albert  Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I11314
19 WARDEN, Dudley James  8 Jan 1979Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10401
20 WARDEN, Edward  29 May 1916Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10400
21 WARDEN, Edwin William  3 May 1951Beechworth, Victoria, Australia I10402


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARRY / KENNEDY  3 Jan 1888Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F4796
2 KENNEDY / ASHBY  24 Sep 1918Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F3416
3 KENNEDY / ROBERTS  1907Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F3364
4 KENNEDY / TOMLINSON  1 Jan 1886Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F4004
5 MCLAREN / TOMLINSON  1908Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F3430
6 RITCHIE / KENNEDY  26 Aug 1858Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F3836
7 SCRIVENER / KENNEDY  30 May 1884Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F4008
8 STOREY / TOMLINSON  1902Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F9571
9 TOMLINSON / WALLACE  1881Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F3586
10 TOMLINSON / WILSON  1911Beechworth, Victoria, Australia F4760