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Lucy Mack Smith

Thanks to Gracia this mystery has been solved.

This image is a daguerreotype from which the picture shown is in the Community of Christ Archives. A historian for the Community of Christ Church, Ron Romig indicated, "The image in this carte de visite appears to be a photograph of a Daguerreian button. Such buttons were worn in remembrance during mourning. The image on this photograph is believed to be Lucy Mack Smith. Unfortunately the pictured button Daguerreotype is no longer extant and the image is preserved only in photographic form. See Ronald E. Romig and Lachlan MacKay, "Lucy's Images: a Recently Discovered Photograph of Lucy Mack Smith," Journal of Mormon History 31, no. 3 (Fall 2005): 61-77."
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This Mystery Photo Mostly Solved

Thanks to Robert Smith of the Samuel H. Smith Family and Nancy A. Jensen: The picture is of the Samuel and Julia?s Kids Uncle Jay and David are two of the boys but which on is which is not quite known. In the photo Smauel SMith & Julia
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