Sophronia Smith Stoddard

"Never Lacked Faith to be Healed"

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Saxony, Prussia, Germany



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beaorn  301Saxony, Prussia, Germany I29375
2 King Elesa  439Saxony, Prussia, Germany I25141
3 King Frithogar  295Saxony, Prussia, Germany I12310
4 Hengist  465Saxony, Prussia, Germany I42740
5 Emperor Otto  Jul 980Saxony, Prussia, Germany I46704
6 ARNULPH  Abt 820Saxony, Prussia, Germany I60347
7 BALDER, King Beldeg  Abt 243Saxony, Prussia, Germany I30009
8 ELESASON Princess  469Saxony, Prussia, Germany I14626
9 FRANKS, Duke Genebald  262Saxony, Prussia, Germany I5758
10 FRIULI, Duke Eberhard  Abt 800Saxony, Prussia, Germany I60337
11 GERMAN, King Heinrich  875Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43416
12 GERMANY, Princess Hedwig  910Saxony, Prussia, Germany I61585
13 GERMANY, King Otto I  23 Nov 912Saxony, Prussia, Germany I31582
14 HEDWIG, Dutchess Bavaria  Abt 782Saxony, Prussia, Germany I31597
15 HERFORD, Abbess Imma  943Saxony, Prussia, Germany I29568
16 HERULI, Dobzogera  Abt 683Saxony, Prussia, Germany I62375
17 KENT, King Oeric de  Saxony, Prussia, Germany I63277
18 KOLN, Archbishop Bruno  Abt 925Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43368
19 SACHSEN, Wecta Von  Saxony, Prussia, Germany I63287
20 SACHSEN, Witta Von  Saxony, Prussia, Germany I63286
21 SAXONY, Aeda  784Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43343
22 SAXONY, Bishop Amelung  930Saxony, Prussia, Germany I52024
23 SAXONY, Billung  780Saxony, Prussia, Germany I32112
24 SAXONY, Bruno  Abt 800Saxony, Prussia, Germany I40378
25 SAXONY, Prince Bruno  866Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43331
26 SAXONY, Prince Bruno  866Saxony, Prussia, Germany I51457
27 SAXONY, King Cerdic  2 May 467Saxony, Prussia, Germany I7764
28 SAXONY, Christina  863Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43337
29 SAXONY, Prince Ecbert Prince  857Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43334
30 SAXONY, Emma  Abt 985Saxony, Prussia, Germany I29635
31 SAXONY, Enda  865Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43338
32 SAXONY, King Esla  411Saxony, Prussia, Germany I25887
33 SAXONY, King Freawin  327Saxony, Prussia, Germany I14587
34 SAXONY, Princess Gerberga  861Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43336
35 SAXONY, King Gewis  383Saxony, Prussia, Germany I28982
36 SAXONY, Dutchess Hathui  855Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43324
37 SAXONY, Hathumoda  859Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43335
38 SAXONY, Hedwig Frioul  Abt 826Saxony, Prussia, Germany I38927
39 SAXONY, Duke Henrich  Abt 919Saxony, Prussia, Germany I39770
40 SAXONY, Princess Judith Marie  Bef 9 Apr 1047Saxony, Prussia, Germany I46414
41 SAXONY, Princess Liutgard  853Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43332
42 SAXONY, Princess Margery Suanehild  942Saxony, Prussia, Germany I29570
43 SAXONY, Dutchess Oda  830Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43330
44 SAXONY, Rudolph  Abt 826Saxony, Prussia, Germany I16936
45 SAXONY, Princess Thankmar  855Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43333
46 SAXONY, Count Wichmann  920Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43350
47 WESTERBOURG, Dutchess Hildegard  920Saxony, Prussia, Germany I50733
48 WODEN, King Wig  355Saxony, Prussia, Germany I29502


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BILLUND, Duke Herman  27 Mar 973Saxony, Prussia, Germany I50734
2 HERULI, Dobzogera  760Saxony, Prussia, Germany I62375
3 SACHSEN, Gunhilde Von Rugen  Saxony, Prussia, Germany I63288
4 SACHSEN, Odin Von  Saxony, Prussia, Germany I63289
5 SACHSEN, Wecta Von  Saxony, Prussia, Germany I63287
6 SACHSEN, Witta Von  Saxony, Prussia, Germany I63286
7 SAXONY, Billung  26 Mar 967Saxony, Prussia, Germany I32112
8 SAXONY, King Freawin  418Saxony, Prussia, Germany I14587
9 SAXONY, Dutchess Oda  913Saxony, Prussia, Germany I43330
10 WODEN, King Wig  446Saxony, Prussia, Germany I29502


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 WODEN, King Wig  446Saxony, Prussia, Germany I29502


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AUSTRIA /   1 May 1142Saxony, Prussia, Germany F19511