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Henry I 1068-1135 King of England, called the "Fine Scholor," was the youngest and only English born son, of King William I. He immediately acceded to the throne upon the death of his brother, William II, in 1100, as King Henry I of England. He married Edith, later changed to Matilda, a daughter of Malcolm III, Cansmore, King of Scotland and a sister of David I, who later became King of Scotland.

King Henry I warred with his brother, Robert II, Duke of Normandy, who he defeated in 1106 and imprisoned for life. There were only two legitimate children born to King Henry I, a son William, a daughter Matilda. In 1110, the son William married a daughter of the Count of Anjou (south of Normandy) but in 1120 was drowned by a boating accident in the English Channel King Henry I having no legitimate son later proclaimed his daughter, Matilda, to be reigning Queen of England upon his death. He died on Dec. 1, 1135. He was married twice, 1st to Edith, changed to Matilda, 1080-1118, princess of Scotland, who was known as "Maud" the Good Queen," to Adelaide. [1]

Henry I 'Beauclerc' 1068-1155 married Matilda, daughter of Malcom III king of Scotland and his wife St. Margaret. Henry I, King of England, Duke of Normandy was, born at Selby, Yorks in 1070. He was crowned King on August 6, 1109. This marriage helped the position of the Normans because of the fact that Matilda's mother was descended from the Saxon kings. Henry was scholarly and educated. He was much more popular than his brother had been. He did much for the judicial and fiscal system of the kingdom. Matilda was a pious woman given to good works. She endowed foundations, including that of the Austin Priory at Aldgate. The Fitzgerald Family of Kildare - Nest had a son by Henry I. Gerald was officer to Arnulf De Montgomery and a great favorite of Henry I, from whom he received Moulsford in Berkshire.


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