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King Alfonsez CASTILE VI

Alfonsez Castile.jpg
King of Castile (1072-1109) as Alfonso I, and as Alfonso VI, King of Leon (1065-1109). His father, King Ferdinand I of Castile and Leon, died in 1065 and left his kingdom, divided into three parts, to his three sons. Alfonso received only Leon, but he succeeded to nearly all his father's dominions as a result of a war with his brothers, and he also added Toledo and New Castile to his holdings. In 1086 the Abbadids of Saville, with Almoravid help, defeated him at Zalaca and stopped the gradual reconquest of Spain by the Christian rulers. Alfonso regained some of his power, but in 1108, a year before his death, the Almoravids defeated him again and killed his only son.