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Earl Gilbert Fitz-Richard de Clare

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Strongbow's father, grandfather, uncles and great-uncles were men favored by both King Henry I and King Stephen on the death of Roger de Clare without legal heirs in 1130, King Henry I granted Gilbert de Clare his lands of Orbec and Biedfaite in Normany. With the death of King Henry I in 1135, Strongbow's father Gilbert, supported Stephen as king, and was an active military commander for Stephen during the "Anachy." When Gilbert's uncle Walter de Clare died in 1138, King Stephen granted Gilbert the lordship of Netherwest, including the castles of Chepstow Castle and Usk Castle. Stephen also granted Gilbert the corrital title and lands of the earldom of Pembroke the same year.

Gilbert Fitz Richard (c. 1066–c. 1117), was styled de Clare, de Tonbridge, and Lord of Clare. An heir of Richard Fitz Gilbert of Clare and Rohese Giffard. He was a powerful Anglo-Norman baron who was granted the Lordship of Cardigan, in Wales. About 1088,[9] Gilbert married Adeliza/Alice de Claremont, daughter of Hugh, Count of Clermont, and Margaret de Roucy. Gilbert and Adeliza had at least eight children:. Per

Birth circa 1065 Clare, Suffolk, England Died November 17, 1114 in Tonbridge, Kent, England or Cardigan, Wales Place of Burial:England Immediate Family:Son of Richard FitzGilbert de Bienfaite, Lord of Clare and of Tonbridge and Rohese Giffard de Longueville Husband of Adeliza de Claremont Father of Walter FitzGilbert de Clare; Hawise Fitz Gilbert de Saye; Rohesia FitzGilbert de Clare; Adeliza (Alice) FitzGilbert de Clare; Margaret FitzGilbert de Montfitchet and 9 others Brother of Ronais FitzGilbert de Clare; Walter Fitzrichard; Rohese FitzRichard de Clare; William Fitz Richard De Clare; Avice de Clare and 12 others Occupation:MARSHALL to the ROYAL HOUSEHOLD, Royal Serjeant and Marshal to Henry I, LORD OF STRIGUL, LORD OF TUNBRIDGE, EARL OF CLARE (2ND), Earl de Clare, Abbot of Ely, Earl Of Hertford, 1st Earl of Pembroke, Earl of Clare, Lord of Clare, Earl of Hertford

Gilbert, born before 1066, was the second son and an heir of Richard Fitz Gilbert of Clare and Rohese Giffard. He succeeded to his father's possessions in England in 1088 when his father retired to a monastery; his brother, Roger Fitz Richard, inherited his father's lands in Normandy. That same year he, along with his brother Roger, fortified his castle at Tonbridge against the forces of William Rufus. But his castle was stormed, Gilbert was wounded and taken prisoner. However he and his brother were in attendance on king William Rufus at his death in August 1100. He was with Henry I at his Christmas court at Westminster in 1101. It has been hinted, by modern historians, that Gilbert, as a part of a baronial conspiracy, played some part in the suspicious death of William II. Frank Barlow points out that no proof has been found he had any part in the king's death or that a conspiracy even existed. In 1110, King Henry I took Cardigan from Owain ap Cadwgan, son of Cadwgan ap Bleddyn as punishment for a number of crimes including that of the abduction of Nest, wife of Gerald de Windsor. In turn Henry gave the Lordship of Cardigan, including Cardigan Castle to Gilbert Fitz Richard. He founded the Clunic priory at Stoke-by-Clare, Suffolk. Gilbert died in or before 1117.