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King Edward of England


King Edward the unconquered king.jpg

King of the Angles and Saxons. As a youth, Edward distinguished himself in his father's wars against the Danes. He was as good a soldier as his father, but not as good a scholar. His reign is marked by the widening of his kingdom and the reduction of other princes to a condition of dependence. Edward still had to do much, despite his father's previous efforts, to keep the shores of England free from invasion. He erected a long line of fortresses along the English shores to ward off the Danes. He extended the Saxon division of towns into shires in nearly all of England. In every way he advanced the divinity of the Kingship and he did away with the old custom of clan chieftains. Thus he succeeded in creating a nation out of England, an accomplishment which his predecessors had vainly attempted. Edward also did much for the church by establishing some monasteries and endowing others. Because his reign was one marked with success, Edward has been called "The Unconquered King."


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