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Dawn Arlene Gleeson Schmidt

Dawn Schmidt


Shilo Maree Schmith
Kim Loise Schmith

I was married at the age of 21 yrs on 28th November 1969 to Dave. We had been going out together and engaged for about 3 years in total. All was very respectful and we each lived in our parents home until we married.

Dave was a plant operator (heavy machinery) and was a hard worker and good provider. We moved several times and lived on the Gold Coast in Queensland for about 7 years when the building boom was on and he had plenty of work. During that time we had 2 beautiful daughters, Shilo in 1973 & Kim 1976.

When Kim was only about 6 months of age we moved back to Brisbane and lived with Dave's parents until we found a house of our own to rent. Dave was driving city council buses by then. I got a casual job in a grocery store to help ends meet but when we moved to our new house it was too far away to go to work.

Dave gave away driving buses and went back to driving a backhoe and I ended up getting a job with the same earthmoving company that he worked for as a secretary. We worked for this boss for over 3 years until he closed his business. In doing so he allowed Dave & I to take over the terms of the backhoe and we became self employed operators and I ran the business from home.

In 1982-83 Australia had a financial recession and a company that we had done a lot of work for closed their doors at Christmas and left owing us a lot of money. This was the end of our little business. We lost our little house and Dave got a job as a backhoe operator in Hervey Bay and we moved up here in May of 1983.

It was a sad time for us but in hindsight, it was the best thing that could have ever happened to us. Our girls grew up in a small town by the seaside, lots of sunshine, and plenty of sports to play. It was a much healthier lifestyle for our kids to grow up in.

We never did recover financially to buy another home but money isn't everything in life. (however, it does help at times. Ha!) We rented an old farm house outside of Hervey Bay and the kids enjoyed growing up there. They had a horse, dogs, cats, chickens etc and it was a great time in our lives as a family. I made our bread, jams, pickles etc too.

Dave & I, when our girls had left home decided we would like to have a go in the hospitality trade and we managed Holiday units on the Esplanade here in Hervey Bay. We did 2 X 2year stints in one block of units and another 10 month stint in another on the Esplanade. It was a great way to meet people and we really enjoyed the job. It gave us a home as well.

In the year 2000 Dave & I went to manage a resort at Rainbow Beach and were there for about 6 months. Unfortunately it was too much for me physically as it was 3 stories high and no elevator and we were the only ones that worked there. Very hard yakka to say the least.

We went to Brisbane and Dave worked for my sister Glenda in her Seafood Cafe' until we returned back to Hervey Bay and ended up getting back into one of the units we had worked for previously. While I was in Brisbane I got a job as a relief cocoordinator/counselor in a half way house for drug addicts and alcoholics. This was a challenging job but I really liked it. I was studying for a Diploma in counseling so it was a good place to put things into practice.

I obtained a job as a case manager for a job network in 'Maryborough' a neighboring town to Hervey Bay. I furthered my studies in Drug & Alcohol work and Mental Health which helps me immensely in my job as a case manager. I work with the highly disadvantaged and the long term unemployed.

Dave is presently living down the Sunshine Coast working for our daughter Shilo & son in law Bryan in their shop. They own Scooters & Mobility and sell medical equipment as well as mobility scooters. Dave does demonstrations for the elderly and delivers them to the homes. He also does services on them too and many other things as well.

We are both working towards retirement and enjoying our families. We have 6 grandchildren, 5 granddaughters and 1 grandson, we love them to bits. Our eldest granddaughter Jessica is 15 years of age, Chelsea is 12 years, twins Imogen & Caitlin are 7 years. Jack is 3 years and Shannon is 3 years.

We love our little dynasty that we have created and enjoy watching the kids grow and prosper.

--Dawn Schmith