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Samuel Hotchkiss

Hotchkiss Coat of Arms
The name HOTCHKISS is variably written in the early records: Hodgke, Hodskis, Hodgkin, Hodgin, Hotchin, and Hotchkiss.

I. The American ancestor, Samuel Hotchkiss, is supposed to have come from County Essex, England, and to have been a brother of John Hodgkin[1], who arrived at Guilford, Connecticut, as "Governor Leete's mann," about 1648. As early as 1641 we find Samuel Hotchkiss in New Haven, Connecticut. The following year, 7 September 1642, he married Elizabeth Cleverly.[2] In June 1664 he attended General Court at New Haven, taking the oath of fidelity there 4 August that year. [3]

In 1652 he bought of John Thompson a house and lot, which purchase was "passed at a court the same year."[4] In 1655 be was assigned a seat in the meeting house "adjacent to ye Souldier's Seats," and his wife was given one on the women's side.[5]

He died 28 December 1663, at New Haven, his name in the records of death appearing as "Samuel Hodskis, senior."[6] His estate was inventoried the following month, and valued at £86, 18s. In January 1665, his widow Elizabeth, appears in an action of slander, but was cleared by the findings of the Court.[7] She died in 1681.[8]


  1. John, born about 1643; died in 1689, his will proved 23 September of that year. He married 4 December 1672, Elizabeth Peck, born 16 March 1649; died before 1732, daughter of Henry and Joan Peck.[10] They had five sons and three daughters.
  2. SAMUEL, born 1645; married (1) Sarah TALMAGE; married (2) Hannah ???? For continuation of this family line please see the TALMAGE biography.
  3. James, born 1647; "probably died without issue."[11]
  4. Sarah; married Jeremiah Johnson, of Derby. He and Joshua Hotchkiss are called brothers in the court records.
  5. Joshua, born 16 September 1651; died 22 December 1722. Was an ensign, sheriff, and a prominent man in New Haven. He married (1) 29 November 1677, Mary Pardee, who died about 1684; married (2) about 1685, Hannah Tuttle, born 24 February 1662; died 17 February 1719. She was the daughter of Thomas and Hannah Tuttle. For continuation of this family line please see the TUTTLE biography. After her death Joshua Hotchkiss married (3) about 1719, Mary Ashburn, of Milford. There were two daughters and one son by the first marriage, and four daughters and three sons by the second.
  6. Thomas, born 31 August 1654, by one authority, and 16 December 1654 by another.[12] He was a sergeant, and appears to have owned lands in Hamden and Woodbridge. He married 27 November 1677 (two days before his brother Joshua's wedding), Sarah Wilmot, born 8 March 1663. She was probably the daughter of William and Sarah Wilmot. For continuation of this family line please see the WILMOT biography. They lived at Sperry's Farms. Thomas Hotchkiss died 27 December 1711, and his widow married (2) about 1713, Lieutenant Daniel Sperry. She died in 1731. There were four daughters and three sons born to Thomas and Sarah.
  7. Daniel, born 8 June 1657; died 10 March 1710. He was also a sergeant, and lived at New Haven. He married 21 June 1683, Esther Sperry[13], born in September 1654. According to G. E. Tuttle, author of Tuttle Genealogy[14], he married (2) Eunice Beach. According to the writer of the sketch of the Hotchkiss Family, which appeared in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register[15], Esther was the one who survived, and married (2) Stephen Pierson. There were four daughters and two sons born to Daniel Hotchkiss.

Lieutenant Samuel Hotchkiss

II. Lieutenant Samuel HOTCHKISS, born 1645, was a carpenter by trade and became an inhabitant of East Haven. At a town meeting at Guilford, Connecticut, 22 February 1668, it was voted to accept him as a planter, but it does not appear that he went there to live.[16] In 1685 he is listed among the proprietors of New Haven.[17] He was a lieutenant of militia[18], and a man of great wealth, his estate, inventoried in January after his decease, being estimated at £1,705, and was administered by his, widow Hannah.[19]

He was married (1) in New Haven, 18 March 167819, to Sarah, daughter of Robert and Sarah (Nash) Talmage, her uncle, Major John Nash, pronouncing the ceremony.[20] He married (2) Hannah ???? who survived him and died 19 January 1712. His death occurred 29 December 1705.


  1. MARY, born I January 1679/80; married Caleb TUTTLE.
  2. Sarah, born 7 April 1681.
  3. Samuel, born 6 March 1682/3; died 22 December 1740. He did not, as most published accounts assert, marry Sarah Bradley who was in fact wife of his cousin Samuel but he married Mary[21] They had six sons and three daughters. After his death she married (2) Henry Tolles, according to the last quoted authority. According to another writer, Samuel survived his first wife, and married (2) Hannah Russell.[22]
  4. James, born 8 December 1684; died 1747; married Tamar.
  5. Abigail, born 12 February 1686.
  6. Ebenezer, baptized 16 December 1688. "He removed to Milford. In 1743 Ebenezer Hotchkiss of New Milford, deeded to Samuel Hotchkiss and the rest of the heirs of Samuel Hotchkiss, jr., deceased, all. his right to the estate of Lieutenant Samuel, deceased, and of Samuel, jr., deceased.[23] He was probably the father of the Deacon Ebenezer Hotchkiss of New Milford, who died in 1796, and whose descendants are given in Orcutt's History of New Milford. He married and had probably one child."
  7. Enos Hotchkiss born 13 May 1731.

Mary Hotchkiss

III. Mary HOTCHKISS, was born 1 January 1679, at New Haven, where she was married, 1 March 1699 by Mr. Ebenezer Johnson, justice, to Caleb TUTTLE.[24]

For continuation of this family line please see the TUTTLE biography.
  SOURCE:  The Ancestry & Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale by Audentia Smith Anderson (1926)


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