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Huntley Coat of Arms
This is a "place name", from a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and means hunting-field. The name is spelled with and without the e. The HUNTLEY family in America has been noted for the size of its members and their devotion to their country, expressed in civil and military service. A newspaper, The New England Chronicle, 21 September 1775, said:

Last Year, thirteen Brothers, sons of one Woman, in the Colony of Connecticut, each of them Six Feet high, all went into the War in Defence of their country, and were all brave Men.... This is perhaps the most remarkable Instance of the Kind any country hath produced. The Name of this prolific and heroic Family is Huntly. New England Historical and Genealogical register 34:199

I. John HUNTLEY is on record in Boston, Massachusetts, as early as 12 January 1647, when he signs as witness to power of attorney. He was in Roxbury, Massachusetts, in 1659, and two years later removed to Lyme, Connecticut, where he spent the rest of his life. When that town was incorporated by Separatists from Saybrook, in 1667, he was one of its inhabitants and helped to frame its laws.

The name of his first wife was Jane. After her death he married in 1669, Mary BARNES. He died in Lyme, 15 November 1676, leaving wife, not mentioned by name in his will of that date, and several sons and daughters. This will, so typical of its period in spelling and style, is on record at Lyme, and is here presented verbatim:

The last will @ testament of John Huntley being very sick @ Weak of body bot of perfect memory 16 Novem; 1676 Imprimis

  1.      I give @ bequeath my Soule to god that gave my body to the earth from whence it came to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter mentioned.
  2.      I give @ bequeath to my dear @ beloved wife the one thurd part of all my estate @ my dwelling house to live in peaceably during her naturall life.
  3.      I give @ bequeath --------- upon @ a part of the frute of the orchard as my wife @ he shall agree @ on thurd part of the increase of all my land unto him @ his heirs forever he improveing his time upon it; @ after the Decease of my wife all the Lands @ meadow of mine in the towne of Lyme paying unto each of my Children on his possessing of the lands tenn pounds apeece viz; to my Sonn Moses tenn pounds to my Daughter Elizabeth ten pounds to my Daughter Mary tenn pounds to my Daughter Sarah tenn pounds to my Daughter Alice tenn pounds:

And of this my last will @ testament I doe appoynt @ make my dear @ loveing wife @ my Sonn Aaron ye Joynt executors:
Signed @ Sealed @ published
in the presence of us
John Huntley (X)
Beltasare Dewolfe
Wm Measurer

The following note appears on same page with above:

John Huntley Children are two Sonns and foure Doughters Mosis aged 24 years Aaron aged 22 years elisabeth aged aboute 19 years marah aged about 13 years Sarah aged aboute 7 years: Alice about 3 years. Acted this 8th.
    December 1678 by us
    Wm Measurer
    John Peck Townsmen -Probate Files.

We have puzzled over an entry found on page 29 of the Champion Genealogy, by Francis Bacon Trowbridge, concerning Susanna, wife of Henry Champion who died in Lyme in July, 1704, wherein it states that she married (2) "John Huntley, senior, of Lyme." The above will and the notation following, it will be observed, contain no mention of a son John being among the children of John Huntley. Moses Huntley had a son John born in 1636, and Aaron Huntley had a son John born in 1677, either of whom might have been old enough to marry Susanna (Dewolf) Champion after the death of her husband in 1704, but neither would be old enough to have had a mature son John at the time, so as to merit the appellation of "senior." On the other hand, it seems strange that, had John Huntley, the first, had a son John among his children, no mention of him should have been made at the time of the settlement of the former's estate in 1678. The DeWolf Family, Perry, (109), mentions also these two marriages of Susanna DeWolf's, through Sheldon, in his History of Deerfield (2:141), suggests that she married Joseph Beckwith, of Lyme. It is a mystery that may some day be solved.

CHILDREN of John and Jane HUNTLEY:

  1. Moses, born 1 July 1654, probably at Boston. He married at Lyme, 18 January 1680 Abigail Comstock, to whom were born two sons and one daughter on record there.
  2. Aaron, born 15 April 1654. Aaron married Mary Champion daughter to Henry and Sarah (Bennett) Champion. Aaron died 10 December 1732 in Lyme, Connecticut.
  3. Elizabeth, born 1659. Elizabeth married John Lewis born about 1653 from Roxbury, Massachusetts on 24 May 1677.
  4. Mary, born 1665. Mary married John Smith on 20 October 1685 in Lyme.

CHILDREN of John and Mary:

  1. Sarah, born 1671. Sarah married Charles Huntley about 1692.
  2. Alice, born 1675. She died 21 February 1754 East Hampton, Suffolk, New York.

Aaron Huntley

II. Aaron HUNTLEY, Sr., born 16 April 1656, was married 22 February 1676, daughter of Henry CHAMPION, of Lyme, Connecticut. Upon the old records of Lyme, his name appears as Nason. (New England Historical and Genealogical Register 24:31) They lived in Lyme all their lives, Aaron inheriting from his parents the bulk of their property, distributing to his brother and sisters their portion of money.

The list of Lyme inhabitants paying taxes in 1688 under Governor Andros, contains the name of Iron Huntley. Mary died 10 December 1732, and Aaron died 24 May 1745, both at Lyme, Connecticut. (New England Historical and Genealogical Register 34:371)


  1. John, born 22 November 1677; married 2 February 1699, Elizabeth. They had five sons and six daughters.
  2. Elizabeth, born 16 March 1679; died after 1726. She married as his second wife Westall, son of Samuel and Susannah Cogswell, a blacksmith of Lyme, whose first wife, Martha, to whom he was married 24 May 1697, had died 12 January 1705. There was a daughter Martha born to Westall and Elizabeth Cogswell. After the death of her husband on 21 April 1709, Elizabeth married Matthew son of Matthew and Sarah Beckwith. After Elizabeth's death he married Hannah Champion, born 15 February 1683. "So far no children of said Matthew Beckwith have been found, nor the possibility of an earlier wife settled. He was over forty-three years old when he married the widow Elizabeth Cogswell."
  3. Aaron, born 1 December 1680; married Deborah DEWOLFE'''.
  4. Daniel, born 25 May 1682; died 14 January 1732.
  5. Mary, born 14 February 1685.
  6. Jane, born 10 September 1686.
  7. David, born 17 March 1688; married 27 July 1720, to Hannah Brown, and had four sons born in Lyme. He married again 27 October 1742, Mary, daughter of Samuel and Jemima Tinker, of Lyme, born 1 December 1724. They had one son and one daughter born in Lyme, and he died 31 August 1745. She married 16 October 1750, Elijah Hill, of Lyme.
  8. Solomon, born 31 May 1691.


III. Aaron HUNTLEY, Jr., born at Lyme, 1 December 1680, married there 27 July 1707, Deborah DeWOLFE, born in 1690. They lived in Lyme, for which town he acted as deputy to the General Assembly, 13 October 1720, and perhaps at other sessions. He died in Lyme, 26 September 1748.


  1. Hannah, born 22 July 1708; married Ebenezer MACK.
  2. Aaron, born 14 September 1710.
  3. Solomon, born 1 September 1712.
  4. Deborah, born 20 August 1714.
  5. Ruth, born 1 March 1716.
  6. Stephen, born 28 February 1718.
  7. Phebe, born 1 March 1721.
  8. Esther, born 21 May 1724.
  9. Nathan, born 2 June 1726.
  10. Jemima, born 20 August 1728.
  11. Timothy, born 22 October 1731; died 26 September 1738.

IV. Hannah HUNTLEY born 22 July 1708, in Lyme, Connecticut, married 30 April 1728, to Ebenezer MACK.

(See the MACK family line for continuation of this family line.)

  SOURCE:  The Ancestry & Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale by Audentia Smith Anderson (1926)