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Lord Gilbert KENNEDY

Kennedy coat of arms scottish2.jpg
Comes de Cassills, caesus apud Prestic. Gilbert, Second Earl of Cassilis, who being a man of great accomplishments, was often employed in foreign negotiations. He was appointed one of the privy council to King James V and was sent ambassador to England with the Earls of Lennox and Glencairn, to treat of a peace, anno 1516, and again in 1524.[1] He joined in the association with several other noble Lords, to rescue the King out of the hands of the Earl of Angus, for which he suffered greatly, and was put to several hardships by the prevailing party of that time. He married Isabel, daughter of ACampbell, Earl of Angus[2] by whom he had two sons. First, Gilbert, Earl of Cassilis. Second, Quintin, abbot of Crossragwell. The Earl was murdered at Prestick, 22d December, 1527, and succeeded by his eldest son, Gilbert.


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