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Thomas LOOK

The family name of LOOK is sometimes found in colonial records as Looke and Locke.

I. The first of the name of whom we have record in New England was Thomas LOOK, who was in Lynn, Massachusetts, before 1646. This town is about fifteen miles from Topsfield, at which place at least two of his children are located. There is reason to connect the Looks with the iron works of "Rowley Village," at one time identical with Boxford, near Topsfield. Thomas Look died before his wife, Sarah, who, at her death 30 June 1666, was called "widow."[1]

CHILDREN, born in Lynn.[2]

  1. Thomas, born June 1646; took oath of fidelity at Topsfield, January 1677.[3] He married Elizabeth BUNKER[4], daughter of George and Margaret(Howe) Bunker, of Charlestown. They removed to Nantucket, and later, to Martha's Vineyard. George Bunker owned the summit of that "Hill of Glory" which bears his name. In later years he was also a resident of Nantucket, and died in 1664.[5]
  2. Sarah, born 12 May 1648.
  3. Jonathan, born July 1651; married 19 November 1678, Mary, daughter of Zaccheus and Joan Corwithin. She was a sister of his sister Mary's husband. {Here is another instance of where our ancestral lines merge, this can be noted on the pedigree charts. You will notice two LOOKE lines.} They lived in Topsfield, where two sons and two daughters are on record. In 1695 they were living in Rowley, where the birth of another child is that year recorded.[6]
  4. Experience; died 2 March 1738, aged 85. On 16 October 1678, she married, as his second wife, Samuel, son of John and Rebeckah Tarbox, born 1647; died 16 August 1715. He was an ensign; and lived at Lynn. His first marriage occurred 14 November 1665, when Rebeckah, daughter of Joseph Armitage of Lynn, became his wife.[7] There were six children by first marriage, and twelve by the second.[8]
  5. Mary, born July 1654; married John CURTIS.
  6. Elizabeth, born May 1656, Left without parents in her childhood, this girl seems to have lived with her "brother John Curtis," at Topsfield, according to town records. [9]


II. Mary LOOK, born July 1654, married 4 December 1672, John CURTIS. This couple and their children can be found on the CURTIS sketch.

  SOURCE:  The Ancestry & Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale by Audentia Smith Anderson (1926)


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