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Duke Richard II of Normandy

Duke Richard Normandy II.png
Richard II, died 1028, 5th Duke of Normandy, 1027-1028, reported poisoned by his brother, Robert I "the Devil," 6th Duke of Normandy. He had a mistress Herleve, who was the daughter of Fulbet de Falaise, a tanner, and his wife Doda. Robert died returning from pilgrimage to Jerusalem, at Nicea, in Bithynia, on July 2, 1035. He was not married. Reigned in Normandy thirty years. Died 1026. Richard's sister Emma married in the year 1002, Aethelred, the Saxon King of England. After his death she married the Danish King Cnut. His children were Richard, Duke of Normandy, whose wife was Judith, and a daughter Avicia, who married Geoffrey, Duke of Brittany.

Richard is mentioned in the Domesday Book, a census ordered by William the Conqueror (now King William I). Richard is shown as holding nine hides of land from Waltor Giffard, Earl Buckingham. Thus he may have controlled some 1200 acres of land. Richard de Talbot married daughter of Gerard de Gourney, Baron of Yarmouth.