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Mayor Pepin PEPPIN I

Pepin Peppin.png
[1] Pepin I is also known as Pepin of Landen, or Pepin the Elder (in French, Pepin le Vieux). He was a Count of Heristal, a councillor of the Merovingian King Chlotar II, and the mayor of the palace (Majores Domus) in Austrasia. This was a position of great importance. Under Chlotar's rule, the years after 613 were peaceful. However, in 623, Chlotar appointed his son Dagobert I, King of Austrasia, and Pepin then lost his mayorality. Upon Dagobert's death in 639, Pepin regained his power but did not survive long to enjoy it, for he died ca 640. Pepin married Itta. Through the marriage of his daughter Begga with Ansegisel, Pepin became founder of the Carolingian dynasty. The Carolingian dynasty received its name from the family's utilization of the name Charles and the significance of Charlemagne in Euro-history.


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