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Richard de PERCY

Percy Crest.png
Signer of the Magna Carta, Richard was the youngest son of Agnes and Josceline. Apparently his older brother Henry died before their mother and Richard came into possession of his Aunt Maud's inheritance as well as most of his mother's. There was litigation and it was settled between him and his nephew, William de Percy, to whom the inheritance belonged, after a solemn hearing before the King in person, July 6, 1234, that the estates should be divided into equal portions between the parties during Richard's life; and that, after his death, all the ancient patrimony of the Percy family should devolve upon his nephew aforesaid, a small reservation having been made for Richard's son and heir, Henry de Percy. This Richard de Percy continued for the whole of his life at the head of the family, and enjoyed all it's baronial rights. He was one of those powerful feudal lords who took up arms, in 1215, against King John, and having a principal hand in extorting the Great Charter of English freedom, was chosen one of the twenty-five guardians to freedom to see the Magna Charta duly observed.