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Thompson Coat of Arms
There has been considerable confusion among genealogists about the identities of the various early inhabitants of New Haven by the name of Thompson. According to an account published in 1912[1] by the careful genealogist of West Haven, Mr. Donald Lines Jacobus, the John Thompson, "Farmer," of East Haven, was not related to the three brothers who founded the New Haven families, in spite of the fact that the latter supposition has influenced the opinions of many writers. Mr. Jacobus forms his conclusions from a most critical and analytical study of the county, court, and probate records, and therefore they may be considered sound and reliable.

I. John THOMPSON married Dorothy ???? and lived at East Haven, Connecticut. His estate was inventoried in 1655, which was probably the year of his death. His widow was still unmarried in February, 1656, when her name appears in the Proprietors Records, but shortly thereafter she married (2) Thomas Harrison, of Branford, Connecticut, by whom she had two sons-Thomas, born 1 March 1657, and Nathaniel, born 13 December 1658. Evidently she did not live long after the birth of this second son, for on 29 March 1666, Thomas Harrison married (2) Elizabeth Stent.

CHILDREN of John and Dorothy:

  1. Hannah; married 26 June 1662, Matthew Molthrop, who died in 1691. She died in 1713.
  2. John; married Priscilla POWELL.
  3. Mary; married 27 December 1666, John Cooper, baptized 28 May 1642. She died November 1714.
  4. Joseph.
  5. Abigail (twin), born 26 January 1651; married (1) 25 November 1672, Joseph Alsop, jr., born 1649; died 12 January 1691. She married (2) Captain John Miles, jr., born 1668 and died 1710. She died 1727.
  6. Rebecca (twin), born 26 January 1651; married (1) 3 February 1669, Daniel Thomas, of West Haven, who died 1694. She married (2) about 1703, John Perkins, born 18 August 1651 died after 1727. She died after 1730.
  7. Sarah, born 30 April 1654; married 24 November 1678, Ailing Ball, born 27 June 1656, died 1710. She died 1716.

John Thompson

II. John THOMPSON, born about 1645, lived at East Haven, Connecticut. He was called "farmer," to distinguish him from John Thompson, seaman, or "mariner." He was also a sergeant. He married 22 May 1666, Priscilla Powell, daughter of Thomas and Priscilla Whitson, the ceremony being performed at Branford, Connecticut, by Mr. Jasper Crane.[2]

He died 13 February 1692, according to the records, his will, bearing same date, being probated in June following. In this document be mentions eldest son John, and the two youngest children, Samuel and Abigail. The other daughter, Priscilla, was then already married. His widow survived a number of years, dying 18 April 1726, the records of that event referring to her as "Priscilla, widow of Sergeant John Thompson, ae 80."[3]

Children of Sergeant Jon Thompson, Jr. & Priscilla Powell:

  1. John Thompson born 6 Aug 1677 and died 25 Sep 1721, born and lived his life in East Haven, New Haven, Connecticut.
  2. Pricsilla Thompson, born 7 Aug 1671 and died 1 Jan 1726, married Ebenezer Chedsey 1689 in East Haven. They had 9 children.
  3. Samuel Thompson, born 29 Jan 1673.
  4. Abigail Thompson, born 24 Feb 1679 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. She died 13 Dec 1685 at age 6.

Priscilla Thompson

III. Priscilla THOMPSON, born at East Haven, Connecticut, 7 August 1671, married about 1689, Ebenezer CHEDSEY born 10 February 1665.

Children of Priscilla Thompson & Ebenezer Chedsey:

  1. Sarah Chedsey, born 8 Dec 1689 (East Haven, New Haven, Connecticut) and died 22 May 1709 (East Haven). She married John Dawson 1 Jul 1708(East Haven).
  2. John Chedsey, born 6 Nov 1691 (East Haven) and died 1693 as an infant.
  3. Elizabeth Chedsey, born 6 Feb 1693 (East Haven) and died 10 Jan 1761 (New Haven). She married (1) William Bradley, born 1682 (East Haven) on 7 Jan 1713 in New Haven, Connecticut. He died 27 Jan 1726 in East Haven. Elizabeth remarried (2) Thomas Alling, born 17 Feb 1680 (New Haven), on 1714 in New Haven. He died Apr 1759 in East Haven.
  4. John Chedsey, born 4 Mar 1694 (East Haven) and died 1727 (East Haven). John married Mary Foote 8 Feb 1715. She was born 25 Dec 1697 (Branford, Connecticut) and died 7 May 1758 (East Haven).
  5. Samuel Chidsey, born 6 Jun 1699 (East Haven) and died 18 Oct 1726 (East Haven). Samuel married Deborah Goodsell about 1714 in Branford. She was born 29 Dec 1694 (East Haven) and died 16 Jun 1771 (New Haven).
  6. Ebenezer Chidsey, Jr., born 6 Dec 1701 (East Haven) and died 28 Jun 1716 (East Haven).
  7. James Chidsey, born 23 Aug 1704 (East Haven) and died Sep 1726 (East Haven).
  8. Abigail Chedsey, born 1 Apr 1707 (East Haven) and died 23 Jan 1761 (East Haven). She married Daniel Hitchcock 12 Mar 1729.
  9. Isaac Chedsey, born 3 Jun 1710 (East Haven) and died 13 Aug 1793 (East Haven). He married Mary Pardee (born Feb 1695 and died 23 Dec 1789 in East Haven).

For continuation of this line see the CHEDSEY biographical sketch.

  SOURCE:  The Ancestry & Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale by Audentia Smith Anderson (1926)


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