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King Ethelwulf of Wessex

King Ethelwulf.jpg
[1] - King of the West Saxons and Kentishmen, it was said that Ethelwulf was Bishop of Winchester and it was known that he was educated there. In 825 his father sent him to gain the Kingdom of Kent by war, and Ethelwulf soon subdued this region and placed it under his father's rule. Like his father, Ethelwulf had to fight off the invasion of the Scandinavians. His success against them was not as great as his father's, for Ethelwulf lacked the power and the energy to conduct long wars.

When the Danes invaded London, in 842, he did little to stop them. The invasion of the Norsemen encouraged the Welsh to rise against their conqueror in 853, but they were soon defeated by Ethelwulf's trusted followers. Soon afterward he defeated the Norsemen at Ockley. To celebrate his victory, Ethelwulf decided to go on a pilgrimage to Rome. In 855 he left England and at first went to the Court of Charles the Bald, King of the Franks, who received him with many honors. At Rome he was received by Pope Leo IV. He made a large number of valuable offerings to the Pope and promised a yearly Pence. Returning to England by way of France, he was married to his second wife by the famous bishop-historian, Hincmar of Rheims, and he died two years after his pilgrimage.


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