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Benjamin WILMOT

Wilmot Coat of Arms
The name is variously spelled in early records as Wilmot, Wilmotte, Wilmarth, Wilmouth, etc. It is probably a corruption of Guillemot, a name frequently used in France in early times, derived from Guillaume, meaning William.[1]

I. Benjamin WILMOT was born in England in 1589[2], and with his wife Ann settled early in New Haven, where he took the oath of fidelity in 1647.[3] He has probably been a resident several years before that, for his son Benjamin is of record there as early as 1641. Colonial records show that on 1 May 1654, "Old Goodman Willmot desired the Court that his son may be freed from training, which was considered, and with reference to his own age, his wife's weakness, and their living at a Farm, his Son was freed, only is to attend as other Farmers do."[4] The son referred to thus was William, the youngest.

At the assignment of seats in the "meeting house" at New Haven in 1655, we find the names of Benjamin Wilmot, and "Goodwife Wilmot, Sen." as well as a "Goodwife Willmot, Jun."[5] On the town records we find the simple entries: "Anne, wife of old Benjamin Wilmot, dyed October 7, 1668"[6] In his will, dated 7 August of that year, Benjamin Wilmot, "age about four score," names three children, the first two of whom were doubtless dead at the time of making the will, for three children of his oldest son and four children of his daughter, were to stand in the place of their parents in the division of the estate which was, however, not large.[7]).


  1. Benjamin; married Widow Elizabeth Heaton, who had a son James by former marriage. They had three daughters -- Hannah, born 1644, married (1) 9 April 1667, as his second wife, Lieutenant Samuel Miles, (son of Richard), born in Milford, 12 April 1640; died 24 December 1678, and (2) Miles Merwin, jr.; Mary, born 1646; and Elizabeth, born 1649[9] Benjamin died 8 April 1651, and his widow married (3), as his second wife, William Judson, whose estate was inventoried 15 December 1662. His first wife, Grace, came from England with him in 1634, and died in New Haven 29 September 1659.
  2. Ann, married William BUNNELL.
  3. William, married 14 October 1658, Sarah, daughter of John and Tabitha Thomas. He died in 1689, and she on 28 December 1711, aged 72 years. They had five sons and five daughters.


II. Ann WILMOT probably came with her parents to their New England home. She married, about 1640, an New Haven, William BUNNELL.

For continuation of this family line, see the BUNNELL biographical sketch.

  SOURCE:  The Ancestry & Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale by Audentia Smith Anderson (1926)


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