“Yes, we always had family prayers since I can remember. I well remember
Father used to carry his spectacles in his vest pocket, and when us boys saw
him feel for his specs, we knew that was a signal to get ready for prayer,
and if we did not notice it mother would say, "William," or whoever was the negligent one, "get ready for prayer." After the prayer, we had a song we would sing,. . . . "
[William Smith, Quoted in Deseret News (Salt Lake City), January 20, 1894, p. 11.]
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Personal knowledge of Kirk Larson, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE]\.

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  • Title Personal knowledge of Kirk Larson, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE]\. 
    Short Title Genealogical Research of Kirk Larson 
    Source ID S853 
    Text At least one living or private individual is linked to this item - Details withheld. 
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