So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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MACK, Minister Jason

Male 1760 - 1835  (75 years)  Submit Photo / DocumentSubmit Photo / Document

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  • Name MACK, Jason 
    Prefix Minister 
    Birth 1760  Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
    Death 1835  Marlow, Cheshire, New Hampshire, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  [1
    WAC 10 Nov 1925  SLAKE Find all individuals with events at this location  [1, 2
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    Person ID I19656  Joseph Smith Sr and Lucy Mack Smith
    Last Modified 19 Aug 2021 

    Father MACK, Soloman Sr. ,   b. 15 Sep 1732, Lyme, New London, Connecticut, United States Find all individuals with events at this locationLyme, New London, Connecticut, United Statesd. 23 Aug 1820, Gilsum, Cheshire, New Hampshire, United States Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 87 years) 
    Mother GATES, Lydia ,   b. 3 Sep 1732, Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States Find all individuals with events at this locationHaddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United Statesd. 9 Mar 1817, Royalton, Windsor, Vermont, United States Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 84 years) 
    Marriage 4 Jan 1759  Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut, United States Find all individuals with events at this location  [3, 4
    • MARRIAGE: Also shown as Married Lyme, New London, Connecticut, USA. ~SEALING_SPOUSE: Also shown as SealSp 27 Aug 1957
    Family ID F39  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart

    Family BRUCE, Ester ,   b. 1760   d. 1784, Gilsum, Cheshire, New Hampshire, United States Find all individuals with events at this location (Age 24 years) 
    Family ID F10240  Group Sheet  |  Family Chart
    Last Modified 24 Jan 2022 

  • Notes 
    • Jason Mack's descendance went to New Brunswick (Liverpool Nova Scotia) were contacted by the LDS missionaries or some of the family came to the Temple recently. (Paul - Nova Scotia Temple President???) ----------------------------- "Jason Mack, oldest son of Solomon, became a Christian Minister, and preached for many years in Vermont and New York." The History of Joseph Smith by Lucy Mack Smith, his grandmother. Chapter 2 Jason, my oldest brother, was a studious and manly boy. Before he had attained his sixteenth year, he became what was then called a Seeker, and believing that by prayer and faith the gifts of the gospel, which were enjoyed by the ancient disciples of Christ, might be attained, he labored almost incessantly to convert others to the same faith. He was also of the opinion that God would, at some subsequent period, manifest His power as He had anciently done--in signs and wonders. At the age of twenty he became a preacher of the gospel. And in a short time after this he formed an acquaintance with a young woman of wealthy parentage. (The name of this young woman was Esther Bruce; she was from the state of New Hampshire.) She was the pride of the place in which she resided, not so much on account of her splendid appearance, as the soundness of her mind and her stately deportment, joined with an unaffected mildness of disposition and a condescension of manners, which were admirably suited to the taste and principles of my brother, Jason became deeply in love with her, insomuch that his heart was completely hers, and it would have been as easy to have convinced him that he could exist without his head as that he could live and enjoy life without being united with her in marriage. These feelings, I believe, were mutual, and Jason and she entred into an engagement to be married, but, as they were making arrangements for the solemnization of their nuptials, my father received a letter from Liverpool containing information that a large amount of money was collected for him, and that it was ready for his reception. On account of this intelligence it was agreed that the marriage of my brother, as my father desired that he should accompany him to Liverpool, should be deferred until their return. Accordingly, my brother left his affianced bride with a heavy heart and with this promise, that he would write to her and his sister conjointly, at least once in three months during his absence. In three months after his departure, according to agreement a letter arrived which indeed met with a very warm reception, but it was never followed by another from him. A young man who kept the postoffice where she received her letters, formed in his heart a determination to thwart my brother, if possible, in his matrimonial prospects in order to obtain the prize himself. He commenced by using the most persuasive arguments against her marrying my brother; but not succeeding in this, he next detained his letters, and then reproached him for neglecting her. Being still unsuccessful, he forged letters purporting to be from a friend of Jason which stated that he (Jason Mack) was dead, and his friends might cease to expect him. He then urged his suit again, but she still rejected him and continued to do so until within four months of Jason's return, when she concluded that she had wronged the young man and that he was really more worthly than she had expected. The time also which Jason was to be absent having expired without his return, she believed that the reports concerning his death must be true. So she accepted the hand of this young man and they were united in the bonds of matrimony. As soon as Jason arrived he repaired immediately to her father's house. When he arrived there she was gone to her brother's funeral; he went in and seated himself in the same room where he had once paid his addresses to her. In a short time she came home; when she first saw him she did not know him, but when she got a full view of his countenance she recognized him and instantly fainted. From this time forward she never recovered her health, but, lingering for two years, died the victim of disappointment. Jason bought the mills in Gilsum from his uncle, Elisha, but sold them in two weeks time, 25 Aug 1784. Jason remained in the neighborhood a short time and then went to sea, bt he did not follow the sea a great while. He soon left the main and commenced preaching again, which he continued until his death. ---------------------------- History of Joseph Smith by His Mother, Lucy Smith Pg 40, 41, 42- While we were living on the Tunbridge farm, my brother Jason made us a visit. He brought with him a young man by the name of William Smith, a friendless orphan whom he had adopted as his own son, and, previous to this time, had kept constantly with him; but he now thought best to leave him with us for the purpose of having him go to school. He remained with us, however, only six months before my brother came again and took him home, and where my brother had gathered together some thirty families on a tract of land which he had purchased for the purpose of assisting poor persons to the means of sustaining themselves. He planned their work for them, and when they raised anything which they wished to sell, he took it to market for them. Owning a schooner himself, he took their produce to Liverpool, as it was then the best market. When Jason set out on the above-mentioned visit to Tunbridge, he purchased a quantity of goods which he intended as presents for his friends, especially his mother and sisters, but, on his way thither he found so many objects of charity that he gave away not only the goods, but most of his money. On one occasion he saw a woman who had just lost her husband and who was very destitute; he gave her fifteen dollars in money and a full suit of clothes for herself and each of her children, which were six in number. This was the last interview I ever had with my brother Jason, but, twenty years later he wrote the following letter to my brother Solomon, and that is about all the intelligence I have ever received from him since I saw him: South Branch of Ormucto, Province of New Brunswick, 30 June 1835 Dear Brother Solomon: "You will, no doubt, be surprised to hear that I am still alive, although in an absence of twenty years I have never written to you before. But I trust you will forgive me when I tell you that, for most of the twenty years, I have been so situated that I have had little or no communication with the lines, and have been holding meetings, day and night, from place to place; besides, my mind has been so taken up with the deplorable situation of the earth, the darkness in which it lies, that, when my labors did call me near the lines, I did not realize the opportunity which presented itself of letting you know where I was. And, again I have designed visiting you long since, and annually have promised myself that the succeeding year I would certainly seek out my relatives, and enjoy the privilege of one pleasing interview with them before I passed into the valley and shadow of death. But last, though not least, let me not startle you when I say, that, according to my early adopted principles of the power of faith, the Lord has, in his exceeding kindness, bestowed upon me the gift of healing by the prayer of faith, and the use of such simple means as seem congenial to the human system; but my chief reliance is upon him who organized us at the first, an can restore at pleasure that which is disorganized. "The first of my peculiar successes in this way was twelve years since, and from nearly that date calls which I, in a short time had, there was the most overwhelming torrent of opposition poured down upon me that I ever witnessed. But it please God to take the weak to confound the wisdom of the wise. I have in the last twelve years seen the greatest manifestations of the power of God in healing the sick, that, with all my sanguinity, I ever hoped or imagined. And when the learned infidel has declared with sober face, time and again, that disease had obtained such an ascendancy that death could be resisted no longer, that the victim must with beneath his potent arm, I have seen the almost lifeless clay slowly but surely resuscitated, and revive, till the pallid monster fled so far that the patient was left in the full bloom of vigorous health. But it is God that hath done it, and to him let all the praise be given. "I am now compelled to close this epistle, for I must start immediately on a journey of more than hone hundred miles, to attend a heavy case of sickness; so God be with you all. Farewell!"Jason Mack The next intelligence we received concerning Jason, after his letter to Brother Solomon, was that he, his wife, and oldest son were dead, and his concludes my account of my brother Jason. ------------------------------ ~ENDOWMENT: Also shown as Endowed 10 Nov 1925 ~SEALING_PARENTS: Also shown as SealPar 3 Sep 1992, JRIVE.

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