So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey


Latitude: 41.0082376, Longitude: 28.9783589


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Princess Agatha  Abt 930Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46700
2 Agatha  Abt 958Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46606
3 Emporer Alexios  Abt 1048Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47360
4 Angelina  Abt 1151Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47656
5 Princess Anna  13 Mar 963Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I44807
6 Princess Anna  13 Mar 963Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I70250
7 Princess Anna Dukaina  1068Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47414
8 Princess Anna Komnene Angelina  Abt 1156Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47953
9 Basileos  958Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46605
10 Princess Dukaina  Abt 1082Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47999
11 Eudoxia  1162Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47301
12 Ioannis  13 Sep 1087Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47335
13 Prince Ioannis Dukas  Abt 1012Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47442
14 Princess Irini Komnene Angelina  Abt 1162Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47968
15 Emperor Konstantinos  Abt 906Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46697
16 Konstantinos  Abt 960Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46607
17 Emperor Konstantinos X  Abt 1003Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47459
18 Prince Konstantinos Dukas  Abt 1049Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47444
19 Prince Konstantinos Dukas  Abt 1080Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47998
20 Prince Kristophoros  Abt 920Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46699
21 Princess Maria  Abt 1032Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I44778
22 Princess Maria  Abt 1032Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I70244
23 Princess Maria Irini  Abt 935Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46701
24 Prince Michael Dukas  1061Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47412
25 Emperor Romanos  940Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46601
26 Empress Theodora  Abt 946Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46702
27 Theodora  Abt 955Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46603
28 Empress Theophano  Abt 936Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46602
29 Theophano  Abt 956Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46604
30 ANEMAS, Manolis  1112Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47555
31 ANGELINA, Eudoxia  Abt 1127Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47675
32 ANGELINA, Irini  Abt 1149Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47655
33 ANGELINA, Maria  Abt 1125Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47674
34 ANGELINA, Theodora  Abt 1158Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47659
35 ANGELINA, Zoe  Abt 1129Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47676
36 ANGELOS, Emperor Alexios III  1143Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47652
37 ANGELOS, Alexios Komnenos  Abt 1123Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47673
38 ANGELOS, Andronkos  Abt 1153Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47657
39 ANGELOS, Andronkos Dukas  Abt 1122Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47650
40 ANGELOS, Ioannis  Abt 1078Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47693
41 ANGELOS, Prince Ioannis  Abt 1147Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47654
42 ANGELOS, Ioannis Dukas  Abt 1121Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47672
43 ANGELOS, Emperor Isaac  Sep 1155Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47523
44 ANGELOS, Isaak  Abt 1135Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47677
45 ANGELOS, Emperor Konstantinos  Abt 1085Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47569
46 ANGELOS, Konstantinos II  Abt 1137Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47678
47 ANGELOS, Prince Konstantinos  Abt 1156Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47658
48 ANGELOS, Michael  Abt 1081Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47694
49 ANGELOS, Nikolaos  Abt 1076Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47692
50 ANGELOS, Prince Theodoros  Abt 1145Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47653

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ANGELOS, Prince Ioannis  Aft 1189Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47654
2 ANGELOS, Ioannis Dukas  Abt 1200Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47672
3 ANGELOS, Emperor Isaac  Bef 12 Apr 1204Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47523
4 ANGELOS, Emperor Konstantinos  Jul 1166Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47569
5 ANGELOS, Manolis  1081Constantinople, Istanbul, Turkey I47691
6 BRIENNE, King Jean de I  21 Mar 1237Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I28672
7 BRYENNIOS, Nikephoros  Jul 1136Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47564
8 BULGARIA, Prince Trajan  1038Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47445
9 DUKAS, Emperor Andronkos  14 Oct 1077Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47410
10 FLANDERS, Emperor Henri de  11 Jul 1216Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47315
11 FLANDERS, Countess Yolande  26 Aug 1219Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I46798
12 KIEV, Princess Evfrosiniya  1186Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey I47320


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 /   Abt 955Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F23598
2 /   Abt 976Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24311
3 /   Abt 1047Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F23590
4 / ARGYROPULINA  Abt 1075Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24516
5 / BOTANEIATISSA  Abt 1100Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24793
6 / DALASSENE  Abt 1035Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24572
7 / DUKAINA  Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24497
8 / LEKAPENE  27 Apr 919Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24307
9 / PEGONITES  Abt 1032Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24551
10 ANEMAS / KOMNENE  1137Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24505
11 ANGELOS / DUKAINA  Abt 1177Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24648
12 ANGELOS / KAMATERINA  Abt 1155Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24637
13 ANGELOS / KASTAMONITISSA  Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24597
14 ANGELOS / KOMNENE  Abt 1120Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24525
15 AUSTRIA / KOMNENE  Abt 1148Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24178
16 BRYENNIOS / KOMNENE  1097Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24519
17 DIOGENES / KOMNENE  1068/1071Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24549
18 EUPHORBENOS / KOMNENE  Bef 1120Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24520
19 HUNGARY / CHATILLON  1168Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24368
20 KAMATEROS / DUKAINA  Abt 1100Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24777
21 KIEV /   Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24168
22 KIEV / KOMNENE  Abt 1103Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24206
23 KOMNENOS /   Abt 1124Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24501
24 KOMNENOS / DIOGENE  Abt 1068Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24545
25 KOMNENOS / DIPLOSYNADENE  1145/1146Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24504
26 KOMNENOS / DUKAINA  Aft Oct 1081Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24550
27 KOMNENOS / DUKAINA  Abt 1091Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24792
28 KOMNENOS / KAMATERINA  1134Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24503
29 KOMNENOS / PEREMYSHL  Abt 1107Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24523
30 LASKARIS /   Mar 1199Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24750
31 LASKARIS / COURTENAY  1219Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24763
32 MELISSENOS / KOMNENE  1066/1067Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24548
33 TARONITES / KOMNENE  1062Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F24546
34 YAROLSAVICH /   1046Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F18600
35 YAROLSAVICH /   1046Constantinople, İstanbul, Turkey F33151