So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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Latitude: 39.1821866666667, Longitude: -77.2700422222222


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dutchess Agnes  1092Germany I50558
2 Ascyla  352Germany I60049
3 Ascyla  352Germany I70822
4 Athildis  Abt 270Germany I60561
5 Athildis  Abt 270Germany I71229
6 Babel  1578Germany I57541
7 Barbara  1805Germany I35010
8 King Clodius  Bef 264Germany I31356
9 King Clodius  Bef 264Germany I69005
10 Dagobert  Abt 300Germany I60139
11 Dagobert  Abt 300Germany I70888
12 Genebald  Abt 262Germany I60137
13 Genebald  Abt 262Germany I70886
14 Grietje  1712Germany I67504
15 König Hunno  Abt 385Germany I60825
16 König Hunno  Abt 385Germany I71362
17 Johanna  1640Germany I43582
18 Katja  Germany I32821
19 Margaret  1790Germany I53288
20 Margretha  1618Germany I64059
21 Mieceslas I  Abt 785Germany I63405
22 Mieceslas I  Abt 785Germany I72221
23 Orgeluse  310Germany I62253
24 Orgeluse  310Germany I71697
25 Princess Ovida  200Germany I60747
26 Princess Ovida  200Germany I71342
27 Sophie  975Germany I61627
28 Susanna  1685Germany I44477
29 ALEMENIE  320Germany I60027
30 ALEMENIE  320Germany I70803
31 ALEMENIE, King Clodomer Guindomar de IV  295Germany I60028
32 ALEMENIE, King Clodomer Guindomar de IV  295Germany I70804
33 ANDERSEN, Francis Albert  1866Germany I43398
34 ANTHILDIS  281Germany I60138
35 ANTHILDIS  281Germany I70887
36 BAVARIA, Count Gebhard  1135Germany I48042
37 BAVARIA, Princess Ida  Abt 1076Germany I47995
38 BEBICCA  Abt 370Germany I60312
39 BEBICCA  Abt 370Germany I71047
40 BENEKINDT, Anna Catharina  1712Germany I66811
41 BENEKINDT, Georg Christoph  Bef 1742Germany I66818
42 BOHEMIA, King Vaclav  1197Germany I51922
43 BOLLE, Charles Fredrich  22 Sep 1872Germany I38876
44 BRITAIN, Duke Clodius de II  Abt 324Germany I53512
45 BRITAIN, Duke Clodius de II  Abt 324Germany I70527
46 BRITON, Antortas Boaz de  302Germany I60045
47 BRITON, Antortas Boaz de  302Germany I70819
48 BRUNONEN, Queen Liutgard  845Germany I61641
49 BRUNONEN, Queen Liutgard  845Germany I71632
50 BUREN OTTO, Count Ludwig Von  1055Germany I51126

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 BAVARIA, Duke Heinrich II  Germany I46947
2 BAVARIA, Duke Heinrich II  Germany I70290
3 MELCHERS, Anna Catharina  25 Jul 1709Germany I56256
4 RAU, Catherine  2 Mar 1670Germany I56276
5 STUTENBECKER, Clemens  15 Jun 1704Germany I56255


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Athildis  300Germany I60561
2 Athildis  300Germany I71229
3 Dagobert  298Germany I60081
4 Dagobert  298Germany I70833
5 Susanna  10 Feb 1741Germany I44477
6 ALÉMANIE, Chrocus du  319Germany I60129
7 ALÉMANIE, Chrocus du  319Germany I70878
8 ARGENGAID, Welf Isembert  823Germany I62236
9 BECK, Georg Friedrich  27 Mar 1824Germany I52570
10 BRITON, Antortas Boaz de  350Germany I60045
11 BRITON, Antortas Boaz de  350Germany I70819
12 CAROLINGIANS, Alpaid  852Germany I60336
13 D'ALÉMANIE, Vadomar  Germany I62135
14 D'ALÉMANIE, Vadomar  Germany I71681
15 DE OEREN, Irmina  706Germany I62280
16 FABER, Johan Nicholaus  Abt 1711Germany I32029
17 FABER, Johanna Elisabeth  4 Jul 1749Germany I31986
18 FAUCIGNY, Tetberga de  1103Germany I62205
19 FAUCIGNY, Countess Thietburge  1103Germany I46330
20 FRANKS, King Clodius III  298Germany I60107
21 FRANKS, King Clodius III  298Germany I70857
22 FRANKS, Marcomir Frankish III  Germany I60079
23 FRANKS, Marcomir Frankish III  Germany I70831
24 GERMANICUS, Claudius Druscus Nero  0009Germany I62811
25 GERMANICUS, Claudius Druscus Nero  0009Germany I71989
26 GLEIBERG, Count Gebhard  1016Germany I51993
27 GLEIBERG, Count Gebhard  1016Germany I70457
28 HEGELINGEN, Gudrun Von  Germany I61609
29 HEGELINGEN, Gudrun Von  Germany I71614
30 HOHENHART  1072Germany I26996
31 KAUFMANN, Martin  1667Germany I68398
32 KRIEGER, Margaretha  Abt 1623Germany I57583
33 LOMBARDY, Ascyla de  376Germany I62542
34 LOMBARDY, Ascyla de  376Germany I71834
35 NESTEL, Jakob  Germany I44396
36 PEARLMAN, Maurice  1941Germany I43183
37 RHEIN, Heinrich  18 May 1214Germany I47739
38 ROTH, Charles  1944Germany I42985
39 RUGIJ, Hasilda  167Germany I60091
40 RUGIJ, Hasilda  167Germany I70842
41 SAXONY, Prince Liudger  26 Feb 1011Germany I29712
42 SAXONY, Prince Liudger  26 Feb 1011Germany I68823
43 STADE, Count Heinrich I  5 Jan 1018Germany I61584
44 STADE, Count Heinrich I  5 Jan 1018Germany I71596
45 SUSA, Irmengard de  21 Jan 1078Germany I46960
46 THONIS, Theunis  1753Germany I62265
47 THURGAU, Duke Warin von II  790Germany I61658
48 VERDON, Countess Petronilla Richards de  1081Germany I27924
49 WORMSGAU, Countess Theoderata Tiedrada De  809Germany I53359


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 King Bartherus Mangus Austrasia  Germany I60080
2 King Bartherus Mangus Austrasia  Germany I70832
3 Duke Ferreolus Wambert  Germany I60689
4 FRANKS, King Clodius III  Germany I60107
5 FRANKS, King Clodius III  Germany I70857
6 FRANKS, King Walter Gauthier  306Germany I60074
7 FRANKS, King Walter Gauthier  306Germany I70826
8 STUTENBECKER, Clemens  Germany I57646
9 SUSA, Irmengard de  28 Jan 1078Germany I46960


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 AUVERGNE / TONANTIUS  Germany F17783
2 AUVERGNE / TONANTIUS  Germany F32859
3 BOURGOGNE /   Germany F29182
4 BOURGOGNE /   Germany F34132
5 BRITON / BRITON  344Germany F17793
6 BRITON / BRITON  344Germany F32867
7 FRIOUL / LOMBARDY  565Germany F25458
8 KEHRER / GOETZ  1 Mar 1724Germany F16581
9 STAUTTENBECKER /   1630Germany F27307