So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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Hertsfordshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sybil  1300Hertsfordshire, England I60381
2 Sybil  1300Hertsfordshire, England I71091
3 BARRE, Richard de la  1250Hertsfordshire, England I60392
4 BARRE, Richard de la  1250Hertsfordshire, England I71102
5 BOHUN, Eleanor  1250Hertsfordshire, England I51726
6 BOHUN, Eleanor de  1250Hertsfordshire, England I52364
7 BRAOSE, Matilda de  Abt 1150Hertsfordshire, England I48261
8 BROGRAVE, Thomas  Abt 1612Hertsfordshire, England I58162
9 BURGHILL, John de  1327Hertsfordshire, England I60377
10 BURGHILL, John de  1327Hertsfordshire, England I71087
11 BURGHILL, Richard  1551Hertsfordshire, England I60365
12 BURGHILL, Richard  1551Hertsfordshire, England I71075
13 BURGHILL, Sir Roger de III  1260Hertsfordshire, England I39581
14 BURGHILL, Sir Roger de III  1260Hertsfordshire, England I69563
15 BURGHILL, Thomas II  1329Hertsfordshire, England I60372
16 BURGHILL, Thomas II  1329Hertsfordshire, England I71082
17 BURGHILL, Thomas  1520Hertsfordshire, England I60364
18 BURGHILL, Thomas  1520Hertsfordshire, England I71074
19 BURGHILL, Sir Thomas de I  1298Hertsfordshire, England I60375
20 BURGHILL, Sir Thomas de I  1298Hertsfordshire, England I71085
21 BURGHILL, William de  1330Hertsfordshire, England I60378
22 BURGHILL, William de  1330Hertsfordshire, England I71088
23 CHECK, Robert  Abt 1605Hertsfordshire, England I58172
24 CLARE, Joane de  Abt 1184Hertsfordshire, England I51798
25 EBROIS, Robert  Aft 1066Hertsfordshire, England I48773
26 EWYAS, Richard  Abt 1198Hertsfordshire, England I42476
27 EWYAS, Richard  Abt 1198Hertsfordshire, England I69815
28 FITZWARIN, Eugenia  Abt 1208Hertsfordshire, England I43521
29 FORTESQUE, John  1434Hertsfordshire, England I59333
30 FRENE, Walter de  1230Hertsfordshire, England I60388
31 FRENE, Walter de  1230Hertsfordshire, England I71098
32 FRESNE, Sibilla de  1265Hertsfordshire, England I60382
33 FRESNE, Sibilla de  1265Hertsfordshire, England I71092
34 GREYNDOUR, Grendon  1300Hertsfordshire, England I60434
35 GREYNDOUR, Grendon  1300Hertsfordshire, England I71142
36 HACKLUYT, Edmund  1322Hertsfordshire, England I60468
37 HACKLUYT, Edmund  1322Hertsfordshire, England I71167
38 HACKLUYT, Sir Leonard II  1388Hertsfordshire, England I60461
39 HACKLUYT, Sir Leonard II  1388Hertsfordshire, England I71161
40 HACKLUYT, Thomas  1324Hertsfordshire, England I60472
41 HACKLUYT, Thomas  1324Hertsfordshire, England I71171
42 HAMPSON, Elizabeth  1575Hertsfordshire, England I58171
43 HELYON, Joan de  1337Hertsfordshire, England I60410
44 HELYON, Joan de  1337Hertsfordshire, England I71118
45 HEWETT, Thomas  1570Hertsfordshire, England I58170
46 HURSLEY, Elizabeth  1333Hertsfordshire, England I60373
47 HURSLEY, Elizabeth  1333Hertsfordshire, England I71083
48 PLANTAGENET, Catherine  Bef 31 Mar 1373Hertsfordshire, England I43662
49 SANFORD, John  Abt 1174Hertsfordshire, England I48851
50 SCUDAMORE, Walter  1586Hertsfordshire, England I60347

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 ENGLAND, Princess Constance  Hertsfordshire, England I45764
2 FITZMILES, Earl Roger  Hertsfordshire, England I48447
3 PREECE, Harriet  1833Hertsfordshire, England I52240


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 BROGRAVE, Thomas  Hertsfordshire, England I58162
2 BURGHILL, Agnes  Aft 1490Hertsfordshire, England I35601
3 BURGHILL, Agnes  Aft 1490Hertsfordshire, England I69436
4 BURGHILL, Elizabeth  1476Hertsfordshire, England I35616
5 BURGHILL, Elizabeth  1476Hertsfordshire, England I69443
6 BURGHILL, Thomas II  Hertsfordshire, England I60372
7 BURGHILL, Thomas II  Hertsfordshire, England I71082
8 CHECK, Robert  Hertsfordshire, England I58172
9 DEVEREAUX, Anne  Aft 25 Jun 1486Hertsfordshire, England I32336
10 GRENDOUR, Catherine  1378Hertsfordshire, England I60414
11 GRENDOUR, Catherine  1378Hertsfordshire, England I71122
12 GREYNDOUR, Grendon  Hertsfordshire, England I60434
13 GREYNDOUR, Grendon  Hertsfordshire, England I71142
14 GUILLAM, John Jr.  Nov 1560Hertsfordshire, England I60447
15 GUILLAM, John Jr.  Nov 1560Hertsfordshire, England I71155
16 HEWETT, Thomas  1599Hertsfordshire, England I58170
17 HURSLEY, Elizabeth  Hertsfordshire, England I60373
18 HURSLEY, Elizabeth  Hertsfordshire, England I71083
19 SCUDAMORE, William I  Bef 29 Jul 1538Hertsfordshire, England I56121
20 SCUDAMORE, William I  Bef 29 Jul 1538Hertsfordshire, England I70598
21 SCUDMORE, Thomas  1349Hertsfordshire, England I35613
22 SCUDMORE, Thomas  1349Hertsfordshire, England I69441
23 WALWYN, Peryn  Hertsfordshire, England I60370
24 WALWYN, Peryn  Hertsfordshire, England I71080


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 BRAOSE / GLOUCESTER  Abt 1148Hertsfordshire, England F16296
2 BROGRAVE / HEWET  Abt 1635Hertsfordshire, England F28025
3 BRUGGE /   Abt 1379Hertsfordshire, England F6917
4 CHECK / HEWETT  Abt 1625Hertsfordshire, England F28026
5 CLARE / ALUCLAN  Abt 1137Hertsfordshire, England F15839
6 CLIFFORD / BOTTERELL  Hertsfordshire, England F15886
7 CLIFFORD / LAURETANIA  1272Hertsfordshire, England F18134
8 DEVEREAUX / BROMWICH  Abt 1413Hertsfordshire, England F19702
9 DEVEREAUX / CROPHULL  Abt 1384Hertsfordshire, England F23204
10 FITZMILES / FITZPAYN  Bef Jun 1138Hertsfordshire, England F24955
11 GENEVRE / LACY  Hertsfordshire, England F23235
12 HASTANG / MORTIMER  2 Sep 1285Hertsfordshire, England F16243
13 HERBERT / DEVEREAUX  Hertsfordshire, England F18427
14 HEYDON / WYNDOUT  1498Hertsfordshire, England F28572
15 ROWDEN / BASKERVILLE  Abt 1462Hertsfordshire, England F5695
16 SANFORD / LA ZOUCHE  Abt 1201Hertsfordshire, England F18168
17 TREGOZ / CANTELUPE  Hertsfordshire, England F25129
18 VERDON / LACY  Bef 14 Aug 1244Hertsfordshire, England F15950