So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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Jerusalem, Israel


Latitude: 31.7799911111111, Longitude: 35.2300108333333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth bint Yeshua  Jerusalem, Israel I60594
2 Elizabeth bint Yeshua  Jerusalem, Israel I71257
3 Joanna bint Yeshua  Jerusalem, Israel I60591
4 Joanna bint Yeshua  Jerusalem, Israel I71255
5 Jocholiah  Jerusalem, Israel I34866
6 Jocholiah  Jerusalem, Israel I69427
7 Johaddan  Jerusalem, Israel I43377
8 Johaddan  Jerusalem, Israel I70055
9 Rachel bint Yeshua  Jerusalem, Israel I60593
10 Rachel bint Yeshua  Jerusalem, Israel I71256
11 AHAZ, King Hezekiah Ben  Abt 741/970 BCJerusalem, Israel I31407
12 AHAZ, King Hezekiah Ben  Abt 741/970 BCJerusalem, Israel I69034
13 AHAZIAH  0809 BC/0768 BCJerusalem, Israel I31402
14 AHAZIAH  0809 BC/0768 BCJerusalem, Israel I69029
15 AMAZIAH  0809 BC/0768 BCJerusalem, Israel I31404
16 AMAZIAH  0809 BC/0768 BCJerusalem, Israel I69031
17 AMMON  Abt 664/816 BCJerusalem, Israel I31409
18 AMMON  Abt 664/816 BCJerusalem, Israel I69036
19 ASA  Bef 955Jerusalem, Israel I31399
20 ASA  Bef 955Jerusalem, Israel I69026
21 BRIENNE, Viscount Louis de  Abt 1165Jerusalem, Israel I48203
22 JEHORAM  0881 BC/0768 BCJerusalem, Israel I31401
23 JEHORAM  0881 BC/0768 BCJerusalem, Israel I69028
24 JEHOSOPHAT  917Jerusalem, Israel I31400
25 JEHOSOPHAT  917Jerusalem, Israel I69027
26 JOSIAH, King Judah  Abt 649/786 BCJerusalem, Israel I31410
27 JOSIAH, King Judah  Abt 649/786 BCJerusalem, Israel I69037
28 JOTHAM  Jerusalem, Israel I31406
29 JOTHAM  Jerusalem, Israel I69033
30 RETHEL, Alix de  1118Jerusalem, Israel I47356


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Geoffrey Fitz Eustace  18 Jul 1100Jerusalem, Israel I29220
2 Hannah bint yeshua  Jerusalem, Israel I39795
3 Hannah bint yeshua  Jerusalem, Israel I69596
4 AHAZ, King Hezekiah Ben  Abt 697/882 BCJerusalem, Israel I31407
5 AHAZ, King Hezekiah Ben  Abt 697/882 BCJerusalem, Israel I69034
6 AHAZIAH  0739 BC/0512 BCJerusalem, Israel I31402
7 AHAZIAH  0739 BC/0512 BCJerusalem, Israel I69029
8 AMMON  0640 BC/0512 BCJerusalem, Israel I31409
9 AMMON  0640 BC/0512 BCJerusalem, Israel I69036
10 ASA  0870 BC/0768 BCJerusalem, Israel I31399
11 ASA  0870 BC/0768 BCJerusalem, Israel I69026
12 BOUILLON, Count Godfrey de  18 Jul 1100Jerusalem, Israel I47687
13 BOULOGNE, Geoffrey de  18 Jul 1100Jerusalem, Israel I28544
14 DOL, Senescal Alan  1097Jerusalem, Israel I50128
15 ERLACH, Henderic de I  15 Jul 1099Jerusalem, Israel I19405
16 FINES, Lord Ingelram de  1190Jerusalem, Israel I28894
17 ISRAEL, Lagman  1096Jerusalem, Israel I45973
18 JEHORAM  0841 BC/0768 BCJerusalem, Israel I31401
19 JEHORAM  0841 BC/0768 BCJerusalem, Israel I69028
20 JEHOSOPHAT  892Jerusalem, Israel I31400
21 JEHOSOPHAT  892Jerusalem, Israel I69027
22 JOSIAH, King Judah  3 Apr 0609 BC/3 Apr 0512 BCJerusalem, Israel I31410
23 JOSIAH, King Judah  3 Apr 0609 BC/3 Apr 0512 BCJerusalem, Israel I69037
24 JOTHAM  Jerusalem, Israel I31406
25 JOTHAM  Jerusalem, Israel I69033
26 LORRAINE, Count Godfrey A. La Barbe  25 Jan 1139Jerusalem, Israel I47584
27 PERCY, Serio de  1096Jerusalem, Israel I53900
28 PERCY, Baron William de  1096Jerusalem, Israel I50279
29 RHEINECK, Countess Sofie  26 Sep 1176Jerusalem, Israel I47820
30 STRADLING, Knight Edward  1394Jerusalem, Israel I29725
31 YOSEF, Yehoshua ben  0033Jerusalem, Israel I60573
32 YOSEF, Yehoshua ben  0033Jerusalem, Israel I71240


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 AHAZ, King Hezekiah Ben  Jerusalem, Israel I31407
2 AHAZ, King Hezekiah Ben  Jerusalem, Israel I69034
3 AHAZIAH  739Jerusalem, Israel I31402
4 AHAZIAH  739Jerusalem, Israel I69029
5 AMAZIAH  Jerusalem, Israel I31404
6 AMAZIAH  Jerusalem, Israel I69031
7 AMMON  Jerusalem, Israel I31409
8 AMMON  Jerusalem, Israel I69036
9 AVESNES, Jacques d'  Sep 1191Jerusalem, Israel I47778
10 CHRIST, Jesus  6 Apr 0033Jerusalem, Israel I60577
11 CHRIST, Jesus  6 Apr 0033Jerusalem, Israel I71244
12 FERRERS, Seigneur Walkelin de  21 Oct 1190Jerusalem, Israel I28704
13 HEZEKIAH, Manasseh  642Jerusalem, Israel I31408
14 HEZEKIAH, Manasseh  642Jerusalem, Israel I69035
15 JOASH  Jerusalem, Israel I31403
16 JOASH  Jerusalem, Israel I69030
17 LONGESPEE, Earl William  Feb 1250Jerusalem, Israel I32150
18 MONTFERRAT, Guillaume V  1177Jerusalem, Israel I48695
19 QUINCY, Earl Saher IV  Nov 1219Jerusalem, Israel I32590
20 UZZIAH  Jerusalem, Israel I31405
21 UZZIAH  Jerusalem, Israel I69032