So shall it be with my father: he shall be
called a prince over his posterity, holding
the keys of the patriarchal priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church
of the Latter Day Saints, and he shall sit in the general assembly of patriarchs, even in
council with the Ancient of Days when he shall sit and all the patriarchs with him and shall
enjoy his right and authority under the direction of the Ancient of Days.
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Yorkshire, England


Latitude: 54.2036091666667, Longitude: -1.363975


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1322Yorkshire, England I30723
2 Jane  Abt 1605Yorkshire, England I52758
3 ARMETSTEAD, Thomas  20 Jun 1574Yorkshire, England I63482
4 ARMISTEAD, Ralph  1632Yorkshire, England I68435
5 BROCKLEBANK, John  Abt 1601Yorkshire, England I52757
6 CAIN, Ferdinand  1627Yorkshire, England I59644
7 CHALONER, Honora  1695Yorkshire, England I13422
8 CHAPMAN, Robert  Cal 1577Yorkshire, England I58182
9 CLERVAUX, Sir John II  1350Yorkshire, England I59004
10 CONYERS, Elizabeth  1595Yorkshire, England I59460
11 CORDONVILLE, Ragenilda de  1180Yorkshire, England I55044
12 DREW, Lady Jane  1469Yorkshire, England I65369
13 DRONSFIELD, John de  1327Yorkshire, England I30748
14 FAIRFAX, Edward  Abt 1529Yorkshire, England I65360
15 FINN, Margaret Mary  1897Yorkshire, England I1959
16 FISHER, Lemuel  1605Yorkshire, England I58686
17 FISHER, Sarah  19 Dec 1681Yorkshire, England I58684
18 GREENLY, Charlotte Elizabeth  Sep 1842Yorkshire, England I2034
19 HARMOND, Joan  1609Yorkshire, England I64505
20 HODGET, Preston  1500Yorkshire, England I57891
21 HODGETT, William Preston  1525Yorkshire, England I57890
22 HORSEFALL, Isabel  1505Yorkshire, England I58821
23 KENDALL, John  Abt 11 Sep 1743Yorkshire, England I11447
24 LASCELLES, John de  Abt 1108Yorkshire, England I55070
25 LASCELLES, Simon de  Abt 1070Yorkshire, England I55068
26 LEE, William  1472Yorkshire, England I58239
27 MAUDEVERER, Beatrix  1350Yorkshire, England I59005
28 MIDDLETON, Sir Peter  1426Yorkshire, England I65464
29 NEVILLE, Johanna de  1218Yorkshire, England I59057
30 NEVILLE, John De  Yorkshire, England I59060
31 NEWMARCH, Lucy  1208Yorkshire, England I32075
32 OTTERINGHAM, Agnes de  Abt 1074Yorkshire, England I55069
33 OTTERINGHAM, Richard de  1050Yorkshire, England I55071
34 PALMES, George  1491Yorkshire, England I65370
35 PALMES, Leonard  1494Yorkshire, England I65372
36 PERCY, Sir Alexander de  1240Yorkshire, England I59051
37 RAPER, Honor  22 Jul 1754Yorkshire, England I15236
38 THAKEL, Gilbert  1205Yorkshire, England I27660
39 TINSLEY, Sir John  1595Yorkshire, England I58199
40 WATKINSONNE, Alicia  1582Yorkshire, England I64506
41 WOODMAN, Sarah  Abt 1628Yorkshire, England I55418


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 HARMOND, Joan  29 Jul 1610Yorkshire, England I64505
2 SCROPE, Lady Alianor  1470Yorkshire, England I32954
3 WRAY, Anne  16 Apr 1617Yorkshire, England I67038
4 WRAY, William  23 Oct 1613Yorkshire, England I67036


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 ARCHES, Jueta  1150Yorkshire, England I49509
2 ARCHES, Jueta de  1206Yorkshire, England I49473
3 ARMISTEAD, Margaret  Abt 1650Yorkshire, England I63483
4 ARMISTEAD, Margaret  Abt 1680Yorkshire, England I63475
5 ARMISTEAD, Robert  1680Yorkshire, England I63469
6 BELASYSE, Dorothy  May 1653Yorkshire, England I59442
7 BEST, Henry  Sep 1622Yorkshire, England I55166
8 BIRKIN, John de  1227Yorkshire, England I55045
9 BROCKLEBANK, John  21 Apr 1676Yorkshire, England I52757
10 BRUCE, Agatha  1142Yorkshire, England I49479
11 BRUCE, Agatha de  1142Yorkshire, England I52283
12 BRUS, Lord Adam de II  11 May 1196Yorkshire, England I31754
13 BURRELL, Alicia  Yorkshire, England I53757
14 BURRELL, Francis  Yorkshire, England I53756
15 BURRELL, Margaret  Yorkshire, England I53765
16 BURRELL, Marion  Yorkshire, England I53763
17 BURRELL, Mayoria  Yorkshire, England I53760
18 BURRELL, Thomas  Yorkshire, England I53761
19 CONSTANTIUS, Clovis  306Yorkshire, England I60295
20 CONSTANTIUS, Clovis  306Yorkshire, England I71031
21 D'ARQUES, Guillaume  1154Yorkshire, England I49508
22 DE FENWICK, Sir John  1451Yorkshire, England I55267
23 DE REVIERS, Baldwin  15 Feb 1244Yorkshire, England I28520
24 DE RICHMOND, Elyas  1377Yorkshire, England I59070
25 DE RICHMOND, Eudo  Abt 1303Yorkshire, England I59068
26 DREW, Lady Jane  1570Yorkshire, England I65369
27 DRONSFIELD, John de  1359Yorkshire, England I30748
28 EUTROPIUS, Flavius Titus  25 Jul 306Yorkshire, England I60161
29 EUTROPIUS, Flavius Titus  25 Jul 306Yorkshire, England I70909
30 FAIRFAX, Dorothy  Jun 1686Yorkshire, England I59139
31 FISHER, Lemuel  1665Yorkshire, England I58686
32 GIFFORD, Lord Hugh  15 Jul 1102Yorkshire, England I48767
33 HARMOND, Joan  1664Yorkshire, England I64505
34 LACY, Hawise de  1135Yorkshire, England I31869
35 MIDDLETON, Sir Peter  21 Apr 1499Yorkshire, England I65464
36 MONTFICHET, Margaret  Abt 1260Yorkshire, England I32786
37 ORRELL, Joan  1420Yorkshire, England I57298
38 ORRELL, Joan  1420Yorkshire, England I70781
39 PALMES, Esquire Guy  Nov 1516Yorkshire, England I65368
40 PORT, Emma de  Aft 1096Yorkshire, England I51236
41 PRESTON, Katherine  1637Yorkshire, England I64101
42 RAGNARSSON, King Ivar  873Yorkshire, England I42771
43 RAGNARSSON, King Ivar  873Yorkshire, England I69895
44 ROBINSON, John  1600Yorkshire, England I59147
45 SCROPE, Lady Alianor  Dec 1505Yorkshire, England I32954
46 ST QUINTIN, Herbert  1220Yorkshire, England I49536
47 STRANGEWAYS, James I  Aft 1426Yorkshire, England I57299
48 STRANGEWAYS, James I  Aft 1426Yorkshire, England I70782
49 STRANGEWAYS, James  27 Jan 1442Yorkshire, England I57217
50 STRANGEWAYS, James  27 Jan 1442Yorkshire, England I70720

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 ARMISTEAD,, Anthony Sr.  Nov 1642Yorkshire, England I63465
2 BOTELER, Joan Le  Abt 1340Yorkshire, England I57233
3 BOTELER, Joan Le  Abt 1340Yorkshire, England I70732
4 BURRELL, Alicia  Yorkshire, England I53757
5 BURRELL, Francis  Yorkshire, England I53756
6 BURRELL, Margaret  Yorkshire, England I53765
7 BURRELL, Mayoria  Yorkshire, England I53760
8 BURRELL, Richard  Yorkshire, England I53758
9 BURRELL, Thomas  Yorkshire, England I53761
10 DREW, Lady Jane  1570Yorkshire, England I65369
11 FITZ-RANDOLPH, Sir Randolph  Apr 1270Yorkshire, England I28491
12 PALMES, Esquire Guy  Nov 1516Yorkshire, England I65368
13 THAKEL, Beatrice  1293Yorkshire, England I29549
14 WRAY, William  17 Nov 1613Yorkshire, England I67036


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 ARMISTEAD / HARMOND  1631Yorkshire, England F30358
2 AUDLEY / SCROOPE  Abt 1498Yorkshire, England F18743
3 BELL / MATTHEW  Abt 1486Yorkshire, England F28329
4 BETTS / DARROW  14 Nov 1771Yorkshire, England F32067
5 BLAKISTON / PLACE  1524Yorkshire, England F28435
6 CAIN /   1655Yorkshire, England F28715
7 FITZ-JOHN / FITZ-NIGEL  1127Yorkshire, England F15773
8 HILLS / ARMISTEAD  1601Yorkshire, England F30362
9 HOLMES / STANSFIELD  1664Yorkshire, England F28363
10 LASCELLES / OTTERINGHAM  Abt 1102Yorkshire, England F26888
11 MESCHIN / RUMILLY  1120Yorkshire, England F15472
12 SCROOPE / WASHBOURNE  27 Nov 1467Yorkshire, England F18695
13 SINSON / MORRIS  1917Yorkshire, England F22797